Raj Kumar - Dog Trainer

About us

I am Rajkumar, Certified Dog Trainer. I have 10 years experience as a Dog Trainer. Positive Reinforcement is the method of training. I also teach most of the methods to the Pet Parent to handle their dogs. Because of the Pet Parent should know the knowledge of handling their dog easy that's why I teach Pet Parent Mostly. In my training session Presence of Pet Parent is must. We train Puppies, Adult, Aggressive dogs, Misbehaving dogs.

What We Do


Home Dog Training

Easy handling dogs by regular commands like Potty training, jumping, biting, leash pulling control


Obedience for Competition

Competition obedience next level of home dog training. Tests your dog’s training skills in many ways. Your dog strive for precise performance, quick and correct responses to signals, and confident teamwork.

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Protection Dog Training

It has protection and also obedience training. To see the proper result it should train for 1 year. It can Attack, Bark, Out, Come etc,.

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Dog Behaviour Psychology

We Understand whats makes a dog misbehave. Our Training program are specially crafted to provide permanent solutions to all major behavioral issues in all dog breeds. We also enable you to understand your dog so you rae able to raise balanced and obedient pets.

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Fancy Dog Training

Fancy training includes bringing the Newspaper, closing and opening door, bringing its bowl, holding the things like bag while shopping, dog mind games, bringing its walking rope.

Clients About Us

“They made it look so easy, were professional and very knowledgeable.“


“I would not hesitate to recommend you and your team.”

Siva Shankar